RobotDyn – W5500 Nano V3 Ethernet Network Shield with PASSIVE PoE – Module for use with Arduino Nano


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If you’re looking to build a tiny network-connected device, RobotDyn Nano ETH shield W5500 with LAN and PoE, is the best solution use Arduino Nano and Ethernet controller W5500!

RobotDynNano ETH W5500 is a fully featured Ethernet-connected device via LAN. Depending on your use case, it can act as a server or a net member. In a server role, it will receive requests from other devices and services in local network and internet, and respond or react accordingly. In a net member role, the RobotDynNano ETH shield W5500 with Arduino Nano microcontroller can collect data from different devices or industrial equipment and send it through the local network or Internet. It can also receive data from local network and internet, and control connected devices and equipment. The RobotDynNano ETH shield W5500 with Arduino Nano can also act as stand-alone unit, providing autonomous reaction based on the defined algorithm in response to network changes or other triggers.

W5500 Ethernet

WizNet W5500 is a TCP/IP embedded LAN Ethernet controller. It provides TCP/IP Stack, 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet with full or half-duplex, MAC and PHY. W5500 is using a highly efficient SPI protocol, with 80 MHz clocks for high-speed connectivity to Atmega2560. For lower energy consumption, W5500 provides WOL (Wake on LAN) and Power Off modes.

Programming in Arduino IDE

Use Ethernet3 / Ethernet4 library. (чуть больше написать, погугли)

Power supply

RobotDynNano ETH shield W5500 can be powered via:

  • USB port (5V, 500mA);
  • DC-IN jack, PWC 2.1mm, (supporting 7-24V DC input voltage);
  • Through an Ethernet cable using PoE (Power over Ethernet) — requires PoE-enabled switch or a PoE injector.
    Note: PoE module is optional. There are several PoE options available, depending on the PoE equipment you use

The Passive PoE is a simplified version that does not perform a handshake, so it is important to know what PoE voltage your device supplies requires before plugging in the Ethernet cable and powering it up. If you connect the wrong voltage you may cause permanent electrical damage to the device.

Make sure to select the correct board option with relevant PoE module.



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